Our aim is to develop personalised learning pathways that best impact student potential, achievement and learning experiences. 

At Opoutere School we know that your child is unique and learns in different ways. 

Personalising learning means that your child:

  • Understands how they learn.

  • Owns and drives their learning.

  • Are co-designers of the curriculum and their learning environment.

Literacy and Numeracy play a critical role in unlocking the potential in each child’s learning process and are always at the forefront of our teaching and learning. In all classes you will see students working in small groups with their teacher while the larger group of students work on developing skills that will enable them to learn without the direct support from their teacher. You will see flexible learning spaces co-designed by the students and teachers to support the many facets of learning. You might see groups of students collaborating on a project or individuals conferencing one to one with their teacher. You might see and hear the Kapa Haka practising in the school hall or students working in our vege gardens and feeding the chickens. You could possibly see students making their way into the surrounding native bush for Adventure learning. Personalising learning at Opoutere School challenges us to use resources not usually utilized, like our surrounding native bush and harbour, to support every child’s learning. Opoutere School is an exciting place to learn and excel.


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