At Opoutere School learning through Inquiry ensures deep meaningful learning through ownership, relevance and personal purpose. Inquiry in the junior rooms is at an emergent level which can range from exploration and play-based learning, to inquiry projects guided by the teacher. It follows an overriding theme or scenario that much of the learning is guided by or related to. 
In the senior school hub students are encouraged to use a process of inquiry within their topic work where they: 
●    Explore and investigate. 
●    Pose questions. 
●    Find answers.
●    Share, present and show findings. 

Some may choose to actively make a difference or to create an outcome from the topic work undertaken. There is some flexibility in thematic based inquiry where students can take ownership of their work and the direction that it takes. It is multi curricular often drawing on the different aspects of our National Curriculum. Everything from literacy, social sciences, science, maths, PE and the arts can intertwine throughout the learning that takes place under a thematic approach.


To fulfill our vision and give life to our RESPECT values at Opoutere School senior school students engage in an Ignite project.  This is the students chance to follow and explore their passions in an authentic project that makes a positive contribution to our community. Students follow a structured process of:
●    PITCH
●    PLAN


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