Te Kapa Haka o Te Kura Opoutere

“The fundamental purpose of Kapa Haka has always been to assist Māori students to strengthen their links with iwi, hapu and whänau, while growing in the knowledge of Māoritanga. Kapa Haka allows Māori students to reveal the potential of self, culture and identity through the art of performing.” (Kaiwai, 2001)

At Opoutere School, Kapa Haka is a valued and important aspect of our curriculum. We believe Kapa Haka improves students’ general attitude towards school.  It encourages parent participation, which flows on to other aspects of school life.  Kapa Haka gives our students a sense of pride while offering opportunities for collaborative and group learning.  Kapa Haka is a unique medium for learning, building our school community and developing relationships between students, teachers and whanau. 


We have two Kapa Haka roopu at Opoutere School.


Tane Mahuta are students who are confident and disciplined, and show a passion for learning about Te Reo Maori and Maori culture through the genres of song, dance and performance.  Students in Tane Mahuta range in ages 6 - 13 years old.

Matua Ryan Thompson and Mrs Gina Kennings are the tutors of Tane Mahuta.


Puawai are students growing and developing their confidence and understanding of Kapahaka. Students in Puawai are junior students aged 5 and 6. Miss Maxine Burbury is the tutor of Puawai.

Through the teachings of Kapa Haka at Opoutere School we aim to grow in our tamariki: 

  • Pride in Personal Identity.

  • Pride in Opoutere School.

  • Pride in Maori Culture.

Tutors and students strive to:

  • Reach a high standard of performance

  • Develop students’ confidence

  • Build a sense of belonging and whanau   

  • Develop personal discipline

  • Nurture a passion for Maori culture

  • Perform in our local community

  • Compete at Hauraki Festival in October

  • Perform at Coromandel Cultural festival in November


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