At the end of every term every class holds a Showcase. This is an opportunity for your child to showcase to you their learning from that term.

A Showcase is a time to celebrate, question, reflect and learn more about your child’s successes and next steps in learning.  








Here is what our students think of Showcase:


“I showed them all of my information in my goals and what my standards

   are as a Teina learner.”


“In my next Showcase I want to improve on my speaking and to be more fluent with what I say to my mum.”


“I love showcasing, and I can’t wait for the next one!”


“I felt nervous but when I did it, it was fun showing my parents the work I’ve done.  I think they were proud.”


“My Showcase last night went great, I loved it a tonne better than student conferences because you can show your learning to your parents instead of your teacher telling my parents my learning.”


“My learning is better doing Showcase.”


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