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The Opoutere School Adventure Race is an annual feature on the school calendar. 

During term 3 students are divided into teams and train for the race by learning

navigation, teamwork, mountain biking and trekking skills. 

Other schools from the Waikato region are invited to come and take part in the race

and it is growing each year we have it. 

Race Entry 

For schools or individuals wanting to enter the race entries are done via excel spreadsheet (which you can download below) and emailed to Only one spreadsheet per school please.

Entry Fees 

$20 per school student / $40 per adult 

LATE ENTRY (after 19th September)

$25 per school student / $45 per adult 

Supervising adults for year 5/6 teams do not pay an entry fee.

Can pay by cash at the Opoutere School office or pay online:

02 1254 0030124 00 - Opoutere School PTA - BNZ Whangamata 

Please make one payment per school if possible. 

Race Info

Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing is an exciting & challenging team sport. It involves travelling on foot and by mountain bike to collect checkpoints marked on a map. The course will take teams on an exciting adventure through rugged farmland and beautiful native bush. The course will be kept secret until the day of the race and you will receive maps before race start that show your where to go. 


Adventure Racing is part of the curriculum at Opoutere School and all students from year 5 - 8 will be competing in the race. 

Students from other schools, families and adventure racers are all invited to take part in the event and compete along side Opoutere. 



Mountain biking – the mountain biking will take place on farm tracks. 

Trekking – the trekking will be a mixture of trails, native bush, farmland and streams. 

Navigation – you will be given 1:25000 topographical style maps with the checkpoints marked on them.  

Mystery activities – these are fun activities to complete during the race for extra points. They will be revealed on the day. 



This race is designed for school students and people who are new to Adventure Racing and keen to give one a go. 

To complete the race you will need to be able to walk/jog approx. 5km off road, and mountain bike approx. 10km. 

If you have any questions please get in touch, we will be happy to help. See below for contact details.

Any students year 6 and below need to have an adult accompany them for the race. 


You can enter in the following categories: 

High School - year 9/10 and year 11-13 categories. This race is not recommended for experienced high school adventure racers as it will be too easy. It is fine for beginner high school students.  

Primary School - year 5/6 and year 7/8 categories. All year 5/6 teams must have a supervising adult in their team. The adult is there as a safety backup only, not to do the navigation for the students!! 

Adult - race is suitable for beginner level adults who are keen to have a go at an adventure race. 

Mixed / Boys / Girls - Adventure Racing is traditionally a mixed sport and students are encouraged to race in mixed teams. However you can enter as all boys or all girls too. Mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 girls. 

Premier - The premier category is year 7/8 mixed. The top year 7/8 team will be crowned champions of the Opoutere School Adventure Race and be awarded the prestigious Rangipo Trophy.  


The location will be announced 2 weeks before the race. There will be one location for the rego, start, finish and prizegiving. So once you have arrived no driving is required.

Program - Thursday 22nd September 

9:00 - Rego opens (once you register you will get the race maps) 

9:45 - Race breifing (everyone must attend) 

10:00 - Race start 

1:00 - Race finish 

1:30 - Prizegiving 



Food and drink will be available at the race. Make sure you have some cash to purchase. 


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the event. 

Teacher in charge - Ryan Thompson - - 027 428 7258 

Opoutere School - 07 865 9077

Gear List

This gear is for the teams’ safety so you must have all of it. There will be a gear check at registration. 


INDIVIDUAL (must be carried by each person)

Thermal top (polypro or fleece) 

Warm polarfleece or woolen top (must be long sleeved) 



Waterproof jacket

Cycle helmet

Mountain Bike (brakes must work well, wheels safe, tyres in good condition)

Running shoes 


Food & water



First Aid kit

Minimum: triangular bandage, crepe bandage, strapping tape, scissors, antihistamine, gauze bandage


Topo Maps- Provided

Cell Phone (Fully Charged) 

Pencils, pens and highlighters (for marking maps) & map bags



If the weather is unsafe for the race it will be postponed until Monday 26th September. 

In the case of extreme weather or force majeure the event may be cancelled. In this situation entry fees are non-refundable, although we will do our best to reschedule the event. No refund will be given if you choose to pull out.

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