Opoutere School is a full primary (Year 1 to Year 8) school located at the base of the Coromandel Peninsula, 8 minutes north of Whangamata. The location of the school is outstanding, nestled between native bush, streams, farmland and the pristine Wharekawa Harbour.  

The original school was built in 1953 and now comprises of six classrooms. The whole school has been remodelled. A new hall/library was added in 2002. Large playing fields, two adventure playgrounds and a turfed court add to the amenities. Construction of a new swimming pool complex was completed in November 2003.  Three brand new classrooms make up the Junior area and were completed in 2014.


The school is currently rated Decile 4.  Children come to the school from Opoutere, Onemana and Whangamata, most arriving and departing by bus. 


Opoutere School is a small school with a family atmosphere. The school curriculum utilises the local environment with a strong focus on outdoor education and environmental education. The school was awarded the Enviro School green gold award in 2016. The school curriculum was nationally recognised after becoming finalists in the 2019 Prime Ministers Award for Teaching and Learning.


The outdoor and environmental focus complements a stong literacy and numeracy program and provides students' with a real life, meaningful context to learn in.


Arts and culture and taught effectively through our weekly ACE clubs (Art, Culture & Environment). A strong Kapa Haka group is a feature of the school.  

We have a supportive, caring and passionate staff who believe in firm, fair discipline. The playground is always well supervised with the teaching staff ensuring that the playground is a safe environment for children. 

We have developed a R.E.S.P.E.C.T. model which our students, staff and parents all endorse. 

                                      R = Responsibility

                                      E = Education Ownership

                                      S = Self-Awareness

                                      P = Poutama

                                      E = Environmental Action

                                      C = Character Development

                                      T = Tangata


The philosophy practised in the school is based on creating learning conditions that encourage students to self-manage their learning and behaviour, problem solve, set targets, be curious and to become great citizens.  We try to utilize our natural environment as much as possible, encourage students to be entrepreneurs and to think outside the square.  While our students achieve highly we endeavour to maintain a holistic programme.


Jethro Dyer



Maxine Burberry


Teina Hub

Kowhai Years 0 & 1


Brooke Duffull


Teina Hub

Rimu Yr 2 & 3

Annelies Resink


Teina Hub 

Puriri Yr 3/4

staff 005_edited.jpg

Laurie Webb


TK Hub 

Totara Yr 5/6


Matt Sheales

Teacher/ Deputy Principal

Tuakana Hub

Kauri Yr 7 & 8

Ryan Thompson


Adventure Learning & Kapa Haka Tutor

Michelle Bourke


Teina Hub

Kowhai/ CRT release


Caryl Cullen

Office Administrator


Kurt Jacobs

Caretaker/ Cleaner


Natalie Keogh


Teina Hub



Rachael Gordon

Teacher's Aide

Julie M.jpg

Julie Metcalfe

Library Volunteer


Jessie Keenan

Kuia, Kaiawhina and Volunteer